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Statuette "Peacock"

Majestic Figurine Peacock

AED 30,000


This is a masterpiece where the regality of a peacock meets the elegance of roses, all meticulously crafted from a symphony of amber hues. The peacock stands proud atop a column, its tail a cascade of vibrant colors, while roses wind their way up, adding a touch of romantic allure. Perfect for gracing a mantelpiece, adorning an office desk, or elevating a living space. For connoisseurs of beauty and art, it can be a wonderful gift. Also, because the peacock is a symbol of happiness and prosperity in the family.
  • Weight:
    9.2 kg
  • Size:
    50 x 40 x 96
  • Color:
    this product has a large number of amber shades
  • Material:

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