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Pirate ship "Black Pearl" of amber

Pirate ship "Black Pearl" of amber



This is an exact model of the fictional legendary ship from the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean", the storm of seven seas and the favorite brainchild of Captain Jack the Sparrow. The sailboat is easily recognizable by its black sails. According to many experts, the Black Pearl is the best model of a sailing ship. Due to the high stern and the general structure of the hull, it is attributed to the 17th century. It can be both an exclusive gift and souvenir of excellent quality. It is preferable to give such souvenirs to the owners of the watercraft models collection. In addition, the sailboat can be a good gift for lovers of sea adventures. Amber souvenir can be used as a stylish decor element. The submarine will look good in any interior. In the house, its appearance will refresh the atmosphere and add marine notes. Here it is important to pay attention to the spectacular appearance, the professional level of assembly and the high quality of handmade work. The owner of such an accessory, of course, will demonstrate a high sense of style and dignity to others. The amber ship is the most detailed copy of the ship. Even a skeleton and monkey are provided here. Besides, need to understand that for amber the most common shades are: honey, lemon, orange, red, white, brown, ivory and brown. Amber of dark cherry color is quite rare in nature (only about 2-3%). In most cases, dark saturated, almost black shade is obtained due to human impact on a natural mineral, that is, special unique technologies. Amber, which has undergone changes in its essence, remains the same natural stone with physical, chemical and healing properties.
  • Weight:
    9,590 kg
  • Size:
  • Color:
    this product has a large number of amber shades
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