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Today, you will not surprise anyone with a lamp. In almost every house or apartment, there is a table lamp, night light or an ordinary lamp. When such lighting fixtures are decorated with pieces of "solar stone", they become not only practical but also valuable things in the house. The value of such item lies in the unusual decoration of the interior. Such a lamp creates warm atmosphere and brings some zest into the environment. Moreover, the product made of "solar tears" will suit any interior from classic to the latest modern. The bird in the center of the lamp is made by skilled craftsmen. Its plumage consists of variety of different sizes amber plates and tints assembled by hands like puzzles. This is one of the examples of individual linear luminaires presented in our catalog. It is important that the color, design and size can be selected due to your possibilities.
  • Weight:
    2,130 kg
  • Size:
  • Color:
    this product has a large number of amber shades
  • Material:

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