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Dhow Ship

Dhow Ship



This is the common name for various Arabic ships (bagala, batella, sambuk, zaruq, etc.) with Latin sailing weapons. The dhow is not a type of ship but rather a class of it: a sailboat suitable for transporting goods and people. These are light but strong vehicles that are born from the teak wood consumed in India using centuries-old technology. Dhow-type ships were widespread in the coastal waters of the Arabian Peninsula, India and East Africa. They appeared long before our era, but even now they can be found in many countries of this region. The term "dhow" is also used for small, traditionally built ships used primarily for trade in the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf region and the Indian Ocean from Madagascar to the Bay of Bengal. At the same time, the stern was richly decorated with carvings or brightly painted. Each type of dhow was decorated in its own way in each region. The stern of the Arab ship was the real "business card", indicating from which regions its captain. The amber dhow ship is a collectible souvenir that can arouse admiration among house guests and office visitors. It can become an element of any interior. Here it is important to emphasize a high degree of detail, since the model is equipped not only with sails. As in ancient times, the amber craftsmen even recreated the original carving on the stern of the vessel so as not to break the historical thread. In the manufacture of this model, natural and shaping amber was used. Amber Dhows are worthy collectibles. The sea and navigation are traditional hobbies for people of all ages and different nationalities.
  • Weight:
    5,790 kg
  • Size:
  • Color:
    this product has a large number of amber shades
  • Material:

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