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Chess 3D

Chess 3D



Amber chess is valuable gift for a man. Molded amber is used to make the figures. That is when one is formed from several nuggets. For this aim we have special equipment and innovative technology. The board is made of precious wood and inlaid with amber. The amber shade does not look as flashy as yellow. It suits almost any style of interior, goes well with natural colors and is appropriate in rooms for any purpose. With inner warm glow, this color fills the room with radiance, gives feeling of calm and harmony. It is pleasing to the eye, helps to relax and feel comfortable. In terms of functionality, it is almost universal. Amber will easily become the main accent or serve as a background shade for the main range. Combining notes of red, orange and yellow it perfectly complements these colors. For classic style, combination of dark cognac and wine, pomegranate and chocolate shade is considered optimal. This allows you to give the interior a luxurious look without overloading it with a massive and elaborate decor.
  • Weight:
    11,700 kg
  • Size:
  • Color:
    this product has a large number of amber shades
  • Material:

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