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Amber panel "Merlin Munro"

Amber panel «Marilyn Monroe»


Any artist will tell you that the process of creating paintings is difficult to fit into some kind of algorithms. It starts from the conception of an idea and ends with the final design. Marilyn Monroe is one of the most recognizable and striking actresses in the history of cinema. She was inextricably linked with glamour, wealth and diamonds. Her image is essentially a symbol of American pop culture of the 20th century. The Panel "Marilyn Munro" consists of two amber panels. The dark "sun stone" is laid out in relief - it serves as a background for the light one. Raw stone is manually granulated on grinding machines to the point where the stone begins to play with different shades. The main part of panel creation is laying out the processed material. These items are handcrafted. It takes a lot of time and requires a lot of patience from the craftsmen. Such paintings will add feeling of incredible comfort and warmth to any interior. In addition, they are easy to mount on the wall.
  • وزن:
    ٩٬١٨٠ كغم
  • Size:
  • Color:
    this product has a large number of amber shades
  • Material:

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